Mama Gena's

Inner Queen Quiz

Did you know that every woman has a queen on the inside?

A streak of high-priestess in her lineage, a touch of royal blood in her veins.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten your radiance…or never knew it existed to begin with.

Each of us is the mistress of our own domain.

Ruler of a particular realm.
Wise beyond years and divine beyond measure. 

But until we bother to investigate, excavate, and unearth our native majesty…

…we may settle for a life of lesser titles and lower nobility.

Spending our days as ladies in waiting, instead of ascending the throne and donning the crown that are ours to claim.

So, sister, now is your chance to find out exactly which Inner Queen you really are

-to reconnect with that firey matriarch within.

Who is she?

What does she like?

What are her strengths?

Her blindspots?

Her edicts and proclamations? 

The more we know about our pleasurable preferences, the deeper and richer our relationships become.

To learn more about which of our six Inner Queens you most embody,

click the button below and answer a few questions. Give it a try! The results might surprise you – but one thing’s for sure, you will be one step closer to the sovereignty you so deserve.

All hail the queen

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